OS: Ubuntu 18.04.2 LTS
Version: SOGo v4 Nightly Build

Hi all,

I've started over and built a SOGo server from the ground up. Apache2,
MySQL 5.7.26, Postfix (latest from repos), Dovecot, etc.

I've got a wildcard SSL certificate from Comodo and got my Apache2
configuration working properly. I can visit https://[mx.domain.com]/SOGo
and get a login page.

I have a test user, sogoadmin, in the Mysql database with a password set
for it.

When I log in:


I get "Authenticating" then "Welcome SOGo Admin" and then.... it spins
for awhile.

Eventually it errors out and the URL has changed to


instead of


If I just add the s in after the http, it lets me continue on to the
user inbox.

Is there somewhere in the configuration that I need to tell SOGo that
we're requiring HTTPS at all times?

Thanks, all!



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