Hi all.

I am trying to get my LDAP groups working in SOGo. but I seem to fail
in doing so.
I assume that if everything is configured correctly, I could see the
individual members of a group in the address book?
I only see the groups but not the members if I click on a group entry.

Also, if I try to create an appointment with a group, I get the
following error when opening the following URL with my browser:
gives me:
"Group is not expandable"

Here is my SOGoUserSources entry for the groups:
  type = ldap;
  CNFieldName = cn;
  IDFieldName = cn;
  UIDFieldName = cn;
  baseDN = "dc=company_name,dc=com";
  bindDN = "cn=reader,dc=company_name,dc=com";
  bindPassword = secret;
  canAuthenticate = Yes;
  displayName = "company_name Gruppen";
  hostname = "ldaps://auth.company_name.com:636";
  id = company_namegroups;
  isAddressBook = YES;
  GroupObjectClasses = ("groupOfNames");
  scope = sub;
  filter = "objectClass=groupOfNames";

  // If set to YES, listing of this LDAP source is only possible when
  // performing a search (respecting the SOGoSearchMinimumWordLength
  // parameter) or when explicitely typing a single dot. Defaults to YES
  // when unset.
  listRequiresDot = No;

An example of a LDAP group entry:
dn: cn=exampleGroup,cn=groups,dc=company_name,dc=com
objectClass: extensibleObject
objectClass: groupOfNames
objectClass: top
cn: exampleGroup
member: uid=userB,cn=users,dc=company_name,dc=com
member: uid=userA,cn=users,dc=company_name,dc=com
mail: somemail@company_name.com

Has somebody a suggestion about what I am missing?

Best regards,


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