Le 06/11/2019 à 22:52:09+0100, Sauro Cerri a écrit
> Hi Albert.
> I've a running configuration on CentOS7 with the configuration below:
> On /etc/sogo/conf this row: SOGoSieveServer=sieve://; (my sogo
> server is alsa the imap server with Cyrus IMAPd)
> and the file /etc/sieve.creds with
> cyradmin:cyradmin_password

Ok. Thanks you for your answer.

> Hope this help.

Yes. In fact I was trying to use another account (define as admin in cyrus
imapd) but that seem not working.

So yes with cyradmin it's working.

Thanks a lot.

Bests regards.
Albert SHIH
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Fri 08 Nov 2019 09:22:14 AM CET

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