3 things 

First thing, what does Sogo's logs say?

Second thing, the Office version, is that the last one?

3rd thing, when you add the URL with the subdomain with 
/Microsoft-Server-ActiveSync, you add it without the "https", because if you 
add it, was that my mistake, it actually adds an error message.

Have a good day

Le Mercredi, Novembre 06, 2019 16:19 CET, "bdus...@luzerne.edu" <users@sogo.nu> 
a écrit:
 We've recently begun receiving reports from some of our students indicating 
they can't configure their phones to access Sogo.   I've verified this using 
iOS and an encountering the problem as well.  Users select to add a Microsoft 
Exchange account, enter their e-mail address, select to configure manually when 
prompted, enter their password when prompted, then click next.   iOS displays 
"Verifying..." for a few seconds and then prompts for more information.   They 
enter the correct server, username, and password then click next.   After a 
pause of about a minute with "Verifying" displayed the error "Unable to verify 
account information" appears. I've been checking both my nginx and sogo logs 
and can't find any details on the problem.   I'm running a separate instance 
for eas traffic as specified at 
 The nginx logs are showing a LOT of ActiveSync traffic.   I believe this 
problem is related to something in my configuration, not users ability to 
access our server.   It appears users who have preexisting configs are fine.   
New users can’t seem to configure their devices. I am seeing the following 
errors within my SOGo log:
Nov 06 10:05:45 sogod [32707]: [ERROR] <0x0x55720946ebf0[WOWatchDog]> No child 
available to handle incoming request! We have a large number of users accessing 
the EAS instance.   I initially had the WOWorkersCount for the eas instance set 
to 400.   I have it set to 500 now.   When I try setting it higher I encounter 
the following error in the SOGo log:
sogod [1716]: [ERROR] <0x0x5595d0273e50[WOHttpAdaptor]> failure notifying 
watchdog we are ready during events registration: 
<NGSocketShutdownDuringWriteException: 0x5595d0273770> 
NAME:NGSocketShutdownDuringWriteException REASON:the socket was shutdown 
INFO:{errno = 32; error = "Broken pipe"; stream = "{object = 0x5595d03818f0;}"; 
} I’m going to investigate any OS related limits which may be causing this  
problem.   Could lack of threads be preventing new users from configuring their 
devices? Does anyone have any suggestions on what I should look for while 
troubleshooting this problem? Thanks,
BobBob Dushok
Director of Enterprise Systems and Computer Labs
Luzerne County Community College1-800-377-5222 ext 7327
bdus...@luzerne.edu --



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