Am 28.11.19 um 18:56 schrieb John Stirling (j...@johnstirling.co.uk):
> Hi guys,
> I could really use some advice please.
> I'm using sogo 4.1.1 (@shiva2.inverse 201911280300) on Ubuntu 18.04.4 
> with a mixed environment of Mozilla Thunderbird versions from 68 or so
> through to 71, and some phones, apple and android. We aren't a big site,
> 12 users, with maybe 8 phones connected.
> Today following an update to the server (Ubuntu standard update), and an
> increase to WOWorkersCount and PREFORK all day events have started
> behaving oddly (I don't thing it can be the config change, but since
> it's a change I'm mentioning it
> The behaviour is that instead of showing at the top of the calendar in
> Thunderbird, they now get treated as 24 hour events. This is a
> significant issue for us as there are a lot of shared diaries, and we
> use all day events quite a bit.  The web version of SOGo works fine.
> It's odd as it seems to be applying to all versions of Thunderbird, but
> there have been no updates to Thunderbird, so it appears to be how SOGo
> is treating all day requests as standard from Thunderbird.  When these
> events are opened in SOGo web interface they do not register as all day
> events.
> Thanks
> John

Do you use ActiveSync?

Which timezones have you set on Thunderbird clients and sogo.conf and
user settings?

Please give an example in raw form.
One event created from SOGo Webfrontend which is not displayed as all
day event in Thunderbird.
And one event created in Thunderbird, which is not displayed in SOGo
webfrontend as all day.

Kind regards,
Christian Mack

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