I read the mail as if you were asking, not telling! My bad sorry for the noise

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Christian M. Jensen

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Fra: Christian M. Jensen <c...@cjpg.dk> 
Sendt: 9. december 2019 13:06
Til: users@sogo.nu
Emne: SV: [SOGo] Debian Buster?


Yes I think that’s another topic. But if it's only failing on Debian Buster 
then it must be a bug, I and my users use Outlook it's been awhile since I used 
Thunderbird, so can't really give any insight on this.

If I remember correctly Thunderbird / Lightning integration has been discussed 
a few times in other threads, actually a quick search in the mailing list shows 
this as well, maybe one of those can give you some answers?

Regards / Hilsen
Christian M. Jensen


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