Hi Markus,

SOGo Connector is only able to manage ACL for calendars and address book.

To manage mail folder ACL there is Imap-ACL-Extension (https://addons.thunderbird.net/fr/thunderbird/addon/imap-acl-extension/) but this add-on is not yet compatible with Thunderbird 68.


Le 10/02/2020 à 20:58, Markus Winkler (m...@irmawi.de) a écrit :
Hi all,

I have a general question regarding the SOGo Connector. In the documentation I found this:

--- snip ---
Among the supported features of the SOGo Integrator extension, we have :
    Remote administration of folder access control lists (ACL)
--- snip ---

Does that mean, that within Thunderbird I should be able to share some of my mail folders with other users?

If yes:

I have installed the new Connector and can, for example, see mail folders shared by other users - no problem. Also: I can share my calendars with other users, can manage specific access rights for them etc. - no problem

But when I click on one of my own mail folders -> properties -> share: I can see all _my_ access rights to this folder, among others: administer the folder. But _how_ can I do this? I can't see any button or something similar for this.

Is the SOGo Connector sufficient for this (and maybe is only missing some local or [Dovecot] server side settings)? Or do I need an additional TB add-on for this? I hope I didn't only overlook something ...

It would be nice if somebody could help me.

Thanks and regards,

P.S.: Sharing the mail folders within the webmail client works without any problem.

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