There is already a bug report.
This happens when the user does a double click on any folder, especially
hard on users doing that on the INBOX.

Kind regards,
Christian Mack

Am 22.03.21 um 14:39 schrieb mj (li...@merit.unu.edu):
> Hi,
> Just a headsup! We recently had a user, who "lost" all her old emails,
> and only received all new mails.
> After investigation, it turned out that she accidentally renamed her
> dovecot INBOX through the SOGo web access. This caused dovecot to
> generate a new INBOX folder, after receiving a new email. (as if it were
> a new unused mailbox)
> So all her old emails seemed gone from her perspective, and she only
> received new emails. Strange (worrysome) problem with a simple cause, as
> it turns out. :-)
> We think this is a bug in SOGo, and SOGo should refuse to rename the
> INBOX for a user. (in the GUI, there is no rename option, but you can
> click on the word 'INBOX', and then type a new name)
> If others also feel this is a bug, I can create a bug report.
> MJ

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