Hi Christian,

Turned out the user did not choose "send a reply" from thunderbird when accepting the invite.

After sending the reply, it still took a while (as you indicated) but now the appointment reflects the attendee-status.


On 3/25/21 4:18 PM, Christian Mack (christian.m...@uni-konstanz.de) wrote:

On 25.03.21 15:48, mj (li...@merit.unu.edu) wrote:

Creating an appointment through the SOGo web interface. Right after
creation, the attendees have a status "?", because they have not yet
reponded to the invitation.

Suppose an invited attendees (on the same SOGo server, but using
ActiveSync) accepts the invitation.

Is the status of that attendee in the SOGo web access appointment
supposed to be updated to reflect that: ✔ ?

(reason we ask: we see the checkmark ✔ showup after accepting the
invitation via de SOGo webaccess, but not for thunderbird (tbsync) users)

Are you sure, you use ActiveSync with tbsync, not calDAV/cardDAV?

Either way, it should update for the organizer in SOGo webaccess, but
can take a while depending on different settings for cache and refresh
For other attendees it is sometimes unreliable.

Kind regards,
Christian Mack


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