Am 17.03.21 um 08:48 schrieb Arantxa Mendiharat (a_me...@riseup.net):
> i activated the Google Authenticator option within Sogo configuration
> without knowing what it was and without downloading before the Google
> Authenticator.
> Now Sogo is asking me the 6 digicode to be able to enter to my email,
> and I cannot get it.
> Any idea of how I could resolve this problem?

Yeah, I had several users with that problem ;-)

2FA has to be disabled again.
On the command line of the SOGo server call:
/usr/sbin/sogo-tool user-preferences set defaults ${YourUserName}
SOGoGoogleAuthenticatorEnabled '{"SOGoGoogleAuthenticatorEnabled":0}'

You can check it afterwards with:
/usr/sbin/sogo-tool user-preferences get defaults ${YourUserName}

Zero means disabled.

Kind regards.
Christian Mack

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