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> hi list , i have a Server ubuntu 16.04 whit openldap user backend auth
> system, dovecot, imap by pam and sogo ,i usage
> shadowLastChange,shadowMax in ldap
> to force change password every 60 day ,when password expired� if i
> change password from console with passwd or smbldap-passwd ldap atribute
> "shadowLastChange" is updated ,but if i change from sogo password is
> changed but "shadowLastChange" not updated then system stay considering
> expired password.
> Is that a misconfiguration ? sorry my english

Did you set "passwordPolicy = YES;" in your SOGoUserSources section?

To quote the installation documentation:

If set to YES, SOGo will use the extended LDAP Password Policies
attributes. If your LDAP server does not support those and you activate
this feature, every LDAP requests will fail. Note that some LDAP servers
require LDAP/SSL for password policies to work. This is the case for
example with 389 Directory Server.

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