Hi everyone,

I am using Sogo with Mailcow as an Exchange and Google Mail/Calendar 

Issue: Even though the integration with EAS and mail and calendar clients is 
already good, I have severe issues with some clients (eg Apple Mail/Calendar).

Issue: Reponses to calendar invites (accept/decline)are only reflected properly 
in the calendar if the client of the organizer is fully supporting Caldav: 
Apple Mail does not work at all
- updating participant confirmation or decline
- incoming invitations are not processed properly, you cannot accept or decline.

what would be needed:
- Sogo should in the backend automatically process these enails and update the 
calendar entries - independent of the email client.
- Microsoft Exchange does it this way and it works perfect, Google Mail does 
this also - by that meeting organization work perfect also across external 
programs/ other servers. Once processed, email is automatically deleted, 
invitations are shown in calendar an can be accepted there.

I would be happy to help incorporating that feature - if there are others 
interested or there are ides where / how to start, that would be welcome.

I would suggest a cron job in sogo tools similar to the Autoreply script to 
regularly process all incoming ics / vcalendar emails.

Let me know - would love to make Sogo a full-fledged replacement for Exchange 
and Google with the same broader compatibility to work for collaboration in 


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