Hello, Andreas,

thanks for your hints.

The mentioned parameters seem to be configured, however with some cryptic 

OCSCacheFolderURL = 
I come from Iredadmin, and used this howto: 

The only configuration that was included in this howto is the "install.sh" 
which configures "Mail" only.

The SOGo package is just installed as far as I can see, but I cannot see any 

When I try to configure the Calendar inside the graphical INterface 
( > "Settings" icon), then I have to choose the time zone, 
first day of week etc., but I cannot save the change. The Save button is grey, 
so that I cannot click it.

It seems as if my user "postmaster" does not have permissions to change the 
calendar options.

The Mail section works.

Do you have a good howto for the SOGo section?



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Von:Andreas Vögele <users@sogo.nu>
Gesendet:Do 20.05.2021 14:45
Betreff:Re: [SOGo] Problem with SoGo calendar
Hello Heinrich,

are all database connections, i.e. SOGoProfileURL, OCSFolderInfoURL, 
OCSSessionsFolderURL and OCSEMailAlarmsFolderURL, properly configured in 
/etc/sogo/sogo.conf? Is the database user, that you have configured, 
allowed to access the database from the SOGo host? Check the connections 
manually on the command line with the psql or mysql command from the 
SOGo host. An example for PostgreSQL: psql -U sogo -h 
mydbserver.example.com -p 5432 sogo

Kind regards,

Am 20.05.21 um 13:27 schrieb H.Plett (heinrich.pl...@gmx.de):
> AW: [SOGo] Problem with SoGo calendar
> Hello, Juergen,
> I did now a "systemctl restart memcached.service"
> But same result, just a blank page.
> Any other idea or good tutorial?
> Thanks!
> Heinrich
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>     *Von:* "J. Echter" <users@sogo.nu>
>     *Gesendet:* Do 20.05.2021 13:19
>     *Betreff:* Re: [SOGo] Problem with SoGo calendar
>     *An:* users@sogo.nu;
>     Hi,
>     have you tried to restart memcached?
>     Cheers
>     Juergen
>     Am 19. Mai 2021 18:47:46 MESZ schrieb "H.Plett" <users@sogo.nu>:
>         Hi All,
>         can someone point me to a valid instruction how to configure
>         the calendar and contacts option of SoGo?
>         Currently, I can login to https://192.168.xxx.xxx/SOGo >
>         username and password are accepted.
>         I am forwarded then to the Mail section, which shows up properly.
>         But as soon as I click on "calendar" or "contacts" on the
>         right top side, I get a blank site back with absolutely no
>         content.
>         The URL just changes to
> https://192.168.xxx.xxx/SOGo/so/user@local/Calendar/view#!/calendar/week/20210519
>         Any Idea why this happens?
>         Thanks,
>         Heinrich


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