up until now I've been using SOGo with basic auth. That allows SOGo to extract the credentials to login to cyrus, sieve and postfix, it works well with davx5 and the thunderbird extensions. Now I'm looking into using lemonldap as a SSO portal[*], I see that SOGo can use cas and saml, both are supported by lemonldap.

The cas section mentions a pam_cas module, I suppose it's either this


or this


either way, is there any pointer on how to integrate it with cyrus/postfix?

Or maybe is it better to use saml? Same question about integrating crudesaml with cyrus/postfix? All I could find about crudesaml only mentions dovecot.

[*] it can also fake basic auth, but that breaks davx5 and thunderbird since they cannot manage authentication with the lemonldap portal.

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