Thanks for your answer i reinstall Gnustep and everything is ok !

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On Sat, Apr 15, 2023 at 1:49 AM HYVERNAT Philippe <users@sogo.nu> wrote:


    After updating my FreeBSD node with sogo here is tje error while
    accessing the webmail (white page, not loading at all) :

How did you update the FreeBSD node? Maybe you were told to rebuild all ports and you did not :-)
You updated from which version to which one?

    Apr 14 23:33:39 sogod [75521]: |SOGo| starting method 'GET' on uri
    Apr 14 23:33:39 sogod [75521]: <0x0x80522eca8[SOGoCache]> Cache
    interval set every 300.000000 seconds
    Apr 14 23:33:39 sogod [75521]: <0x0x80522eca8[SOGoCache]> Using
    '/var/run/memcached/memcahed.pid' as server(s)
    2023-04-14 23:33:39.425 sogod[75521:100321] -[SaxXMLReaderFactory
    createXMLReaderWithName:]: could not load SaxDriver bundle <NGBundle
    0x80522f388 fullPath:
    infoDictionary: 0x80522f478 loaded=no> !
    2023-04-14 23:33:39.425 sogod[75521:100321] -[DOMBuilderFactory
    createDOMBuilderForMimeType:]:88: could not create DOM builder for
    type 'text/xml' because no SAX proper reader could be constructed.
    2023-04-14 23:33:39.425 sogod[75521:100321] WOxTemplateBuilder.m:128
    Assertion failed in WOxTemplateBuilder(instance), method
    buildTemplateAtURL:.  missing XML parser ..
    2023-04-14 23:33:39.430 sogod[75521:100321] EXCEPTION: <NSException:
    0x806227c98> NAME:NSInternalInconsistencyException
    REASON:WOxTemplateBuilder.m:128  Assertion failed in
    WOxTemplateBuilder(instance), method buildTemplateAtURL:. missing XML
    parser .. INFO:(null)
    Apr 14 23:33:39 sogod [75521]: |SOGo| request took 0.024140
    seconds to
    Apr 14 23:33:39 sogod [75521]: "GET /SOGo HTTP/1.1" 501
    0.032 - - -

    i reinstall sogo and libxml but nothing.

    Some helps please ?

    Thanks by advance

    SOGO 5.8


    Thanks by advance

    HYVERNAT Philippe

Try this:

cd /usr/ports/www/sogo && make deinstall
cd /usr/ports/devel/sope && make deinstall
cd  /usr/ports/www/sogo && make install clean
delete all files in /var/log/sogo # That is where I store my sogod logs
service sogod start
Look at sogo.log now and tell us what it says.

I am running 5.8 on FreeBSD 13.2 (yes, I upgraded just the other day from 13.1)

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