Title: BTS activities for Wednesday, April 19 2023

BTS Activities

Home page: https://bugs.sogo.nu
Project: SOGo
For the period covering: Wednesday, April 19 2023

idlast updatestatus (resolution)categorysummary
5747 2023-04-20 01:37:41 updated (open) Backend General Open-ID Connect (OAuth2)
5744 2023-04-19 16:23:12 assigned (open) Backend Calendar MySQL4Exception: Incorrect string value: '\xF0\x9F\x98\x8A\x0A\x0A...' for column `sogo`.`sogo_quick_appointment`.`c_description
5739 2023-04-19 13:15:00 assigned (open) Backend Mail Problems when moving email into Drafts folder
5745 2023-04-19 16:23:40 resolved (fixed) Backend Calendar MySQL4Exception: ExecutionFailed REASON:Data too long for column 'c_description' at row 1
5735 2023-04-19 13:29:55 closed (wont fix) GUI blank Calendar and Contacts page in webmail, mysql issues
5737 2023-04-19 13:29:35 closed (not a bug) with SOGo Sogo connection to MySQL

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