Ummmm you're right - I have done some fixes in SOGo but for testing purposes I 
had to changed my computer date. Next commits will be in right date. Don't 
worry you haven't time traveled ;)


Le Vendredi, Avril 21, 2023 10:40 CEST, "Odhiambo Washington" 
( <> a écrit:
 I have looked at and saw April 
29, 2023 and decided that I was left behind by time :-) On Fri, Apr 21, 2023 at 
11:16 AM <> wrote:Hi Simon,

You can check the commits on github for the previous day : 

As Odhiambo says, the builds are done every night automatically, regardless 
changes are made or not.


Le Vendredi, Avril 21, 2023 01:45 CEST, "\"Simon Wilson\"" 
( <> a écrit:
 I have been unable to find information on changes included in the nightly SOGo 
updates - is that published anywhere?

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