I want to allow users to set forwarding to internal mail accounts, so mail sogo.conf contains:

    SOGoForwardEnabled = YES;
    SOGoForwardConstraints = 1;

The fact is that there are multiple internal domains and not all users can send mails in all domains.

Now it looks like sogo looks at the user's mail identities to determine what internal domains are for that user. Because what sogo deems an internal domain differs per user.

So if you have identities in example.com and example.org you can forward within both, but if you just have an identity in example.com you can only forward to example.com addresses. What I want is that all users can forward to both because both are in internal domains.

Is it possible to specify a list of internal domains in sogo.conf?
Or perhaps configure a LDAP query to fetch internal domains there?

- Kees.

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