So, it was some translated string that caused that. The strings are
converted in an array using the comma delimiter...
In those two languages the comma was not the usual ones but the 'FULLWIDTH
COMMA' (U+FF0C) or 'ARABIC COMMA' (U+060C) causing this "array" to have just
one item instead of the nine expected, causing this empty pane.

I've made a quick fix on transifex for those particular strings so with the
next nightly you should see the settings pane. But I agree there is better
things to do against that :/


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When one of our clients changed the lang to zh_cn, the settings pane turned
This also happens when choosing Arabic (ar), but it does work properly for
German and Russian.

That can be reproduced on demo.sogo.nu.

kind regards
Marco Moock

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