We are running iRedMail v1.6.4. We have about 20 accounts on there. We use the 
SOGO client both for mail and calendar; our issue pertains the calendar. 
Individually, every person is able to use the calendar to schedule events, 
however, time and again we are unable to see each other’s events, randomly. We 
have played with permissions, changing default visibility etc. but this has not 

We are able to create events from within Sogo (or caldav for outlook) and 
people (both on our mail server and external) receive the invitations. It’s 
mostly just the question of visibility of the calendar across accounts on our 
mail server. In addition to SOGo we use the “CalDav synchronizer” in outlook 
and we use cal.com to do automatic event scheduling (the only such software we 
have found that we can use for others to schedule meetings with us).

The problem occurs when we add our other accounts to meetings through cal.com.  
The events are landing on the calendar and ignore the default events 
classification (set through SOGo) and go straight to private.  When a meeting 
is selected on the calendar is set to public and the invitation is accepted, 
the meeting may show the new adjustments, but then revert back to private and 
unaccepted (events disappear when looking at other account’s calendars).  This 
issue is inconsistent and seems to affect random meetings after marking public 
and accepting a batch of meetings.  We cannot figure out why the settings save 
on some meetings where others do not save properly.

Linux version: Ubuntu 20.04.6 LTS
SOGo version: Version 5.8.4 (@sogo-build.alinto.int 202309070607)


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