We recently migrated from Kerio Connect to dockerized MailCow (release 2024-04) 
/ SOGo (version 5.10.0) are very happy with it in general, but, face one 
serious issue when creating invitations from our Apple Calendar. The client 
integration is configured by installing the respective profile (IMAP, SMTP, 
Cal/CardDAV with App-Password).

Everything works fine (mail and address book in total, accessing / updating the 
calendar, calendar subscriptions / delegation etc.) except when I create an 
invitation with other persons: The organizator is chosen randomly and the 
availability does not correspond to the invited either. The invitation is not 
sent to the invited as well. When I then open the Calendar entry in SOGo web 
interface for editing and save it without any change, the invitation is sent 
out and at least the correct organizator (me) shows up, the availability 
neither mine nor of the invited still does not match.

Any hint to tackle down the issue will be gently appreciated.

Best, Andreas

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