Hello Achim,

Packages are up to date don't worry ;)
You talk about SOGo dependencies and mainly SOPE. Last SOPE modification was 
commited on 28/02 
 this is why you see 4.9.r1664.20240229.
SOGo package is up to date : Package: sogo
Architecture: amd64
Installed-Size: 57576To explain a little bit further :
In our build plaform, latest distributions run in a different mode and SOPE 
cache is not applied - this means SOPE package is built every night even if not 
necessary (ubuntu-jammy, centos-9, debian-bookworm).
This will change in the future.


Le Mardi, Avril 09, 2024 09:31 CEST, "Achim Gottinger" (ac...@ag-web.biz) 
<users@sogo.nu> a écrit:

Seems the Package Index for nightly builds are broken for anything below debian 
Last update I got was
There is only a fraction of packages listed in 
Compared to 
there are no sope and sogo packages listed.


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