Thank you for your interest in sogo.

To access the production builds, you need a premium contract support that
you can request here -> https://www.sogo.nu/commercial.html. After the
request, our sales team will contact you. Besides the production builds, you
will have access to a private website for support.


The nightly builds are free to download. Go at the end of page there and
chose your OS and “nightly” ->
s. If you are in rhel/centos, more steps are needed and explained here ->

The difference between the nightly and productions builds is that the
production ones are stable, where the nightly are built each day with our
on-going bug fixes/features and might be unstable, even if we try our best
to keep it stable.

Quentin Hivert



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I’m registred on Sogo but i don’t know how i can download the debian package
distribution. What is my username&password ? i tried with my mail and my
password created but i don’t have access.

The free version is the development version only ? I’m looking for a free
open source solution for mail and collaboration, i would like to start using
Sogo for a test on my organization.


Thanks you 



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