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> The keto diet is very counterintuitive. Bacon good, fruit bad. You have to 
> eat fat to lose fat. But I'm losing weight and women should find me even more 
> irresistible. It's a diet that seems to work well for anyone contemplating 
> dieting.

First, congratulations, if that is appropriate. I forgot to check Miss Manners 
on the protocol for "You aren't dead yet" but congratulations seems in order.

The zero carb diet is one that several friends (and at least two family 
members) have done. One is a 96 year old friend of the family who is still 
going strong and still working, he's been carb free since the mid 1960s. Others 
have used it sporadically as a weight loss regime.

The trouble with it, of course, is that you pretty much have to cut all carbs 
and that means no packaged foods (even sausage often contains carbs) and of 
course no breads, grains, or a lot of vegetables (corn, carrots, peas, and many 

But, if you can manage to live off steak and eggs and bacon and a few vitamins, 
you will shed weight at an alarming rate (alarming to most Doctors who are 
still in the 'fat and salt are bad for you' camp).

Competent? How are we going to compete with that?

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