On Feb 7, 2018, at 06:17, David Jones <djo...@ena.com> wrote:
> Hypothetical question: If you signed up for a new account on a website and 
> they had a small checkbox that was enabled to receive emails from them and 
> you didn't see it to uncheck it, when you get an email from them a month 
> later, is that spam?

Yes, because i didn't ask for it. Now, will I blackhole all such emails? Eh, 
probably not. When I bought a t-shirt and the company sent me marketing emails, 
I went in and un subbed because, frankly, that was the simplest laziest thing I 
could do.

Now, if I  un sub and they send more mail, or tell me it will take 30 days to 
remove my email, THEN I nuke them.

But if it's commercial mail i didn't specifically ask to receive, it's spam.

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