Hi All,

dkimwl.org is a site owned and run by myself.

A little bit of work is required to get the TOU sorted - I'd floated the idea 
some time ago but not much interest was seen so I stopped work on the front end 
services. The backend and classification/voting system is in place and should 
work without too much hassle.

If people are looking at this as a wanted service I can definitely spend some 
time updating and cleaning up the last bits that need fixing.

Thanks for the heads up re: SSL

Please feel free to get in touch if you want to share ideas / help


´╗┐On 08/02/2018, 16:09, "Tom Hendrikx" <t...@whyscream.net> wrote:

    On 08-02-18 16:33, Giovanni Bechis wrote:
    > On 02/08/18 16:23, David Jones wrote:
    >> On 02/07/2018 06:28 PM, Dave Warren wrote:
    >>> On Wed, Feb 7, 2018, at 15:52, Martin Gregorie wrote:
    >>>>> Technically, you asked for the email and they have a valid opt-out
    >>>>> process that will stop sending you email.  Yes, the site has scummy
    >>>>> practices but that is not spam by my definition.
    >>>> Yes, under EU/UK that counts as spam because the regulations say that
    >>>> the signer-upper must explicitly choose to receive e-mail from the
    >>>> site, and by-default sign-in doesn't count as 'informed sign-in'.
    >>> Canadian law is the same, this is absolutely spam without any ambiguity.
    >> But how can you tell the difference based on content then?  You can't. 
Two different senders could send the exact same email and one could be spam 
from tricking the recipient to opt-in and another could be ham the recipient 
consciously opted into.
    >> This would have to be blocked or allowed based on reputation.  One would 
train the message as spam in their Bayes database and allow trusted senders via 
something like a domain whitelist, URI whitelist, or a whitelist_auth entry.
    >> We are back to needing a curated WL based on something like DKIM.  Alex 
just made me aware of http://dkimwl.org/ which looks brilliant.  Exactly lines 
up with how I filter and what I have been wanted to do for a couple of years 
now.  A community-driven clearing house for trusted senders.
    > dkimwl.org looks promising, but tell them their https cert has expired.
    >  Giovanni

    Also, they refer to the TOU for acceptable usage, but both /terms and
    /license have a 404.

    Kind regards,


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