Objection. RFC 822, section A.3.1 "Minimum required" shows two alternatives
of the minimum. The one on the left has Date and From and Bcc, and the Bcc
has no address in it. The other one on the right has Date and From and a To
field with an address in it.

Now read it again:


   A message must contain at least one destination address field.
   "To" and "CC" are required to contain at least one address.

A.3.1 clarifies that the minimum required is either Bcc or To, both of
which are destination fields, and that if the destination field is To, then
To must contain an address.

In section 4.5.3 it states that Bcc contents are not included in copies
sent, which leaves a transmitted message with just Date and From, the state
which the plaintiff claims is not compliant.

-- Joseph Brennan

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