Benny Pedersen skrev den 2018-02-21 17:55:
David Jones skrev den 2018-02-21 17:41:

I have that same code in my and I am running 3.4.1.  Maybe the
size acceptable for whitelisting is different from the DKIM_VALID

minimal key bits could be a plugin test yes, but imho it never made to do this

Does the check_dkim_valid function need to also check for the
dkim_minimum_key_bits size to consider it DKIM_VALID?

i cant figure out where problem is either, since i am more a comal
programmer then a perl :=)

DKIM_VALID and DKIM_VALID_AU should not give pass if minimal key bits is to low

sub check_dkim_valid {
  my ($self, $pms, $full_ref, @acceptable_domains) = @_;
$self->_check_dkim_signature($pms) if !$pms->{dkim_checked_signature};
  my $result = 0;
  if (!$pms->{dkim_valid}) {
    # don't bother
  } elsif (!@acceptable_domains) {
$result = 1; # no additional constraints, any signing domain will do,
                  # also any signing key size will do
  } else {
$result = $self->_check_dkim_signed_by($pms,1,0,\@acceptable_domains);
  return $result;

there we go :(

dkim signed should be any key bits allowed, but dkim valid should not allow under minimal key bits

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