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In this case these were really bad spam so the APOSTROPHE_TOCC is
just riding on the back of other rules, BLs, and high Bayes

What I generally look at is the detailed rule performance in
masscheck. If it primarily hits on spams that score in total 1-3

Why not under 5?

If it's close to 5 and there's a limit that suggests the limit could be increased a bit.

It also needs to take into account the ham hits, which is why having a ham-starved corpus is such a problem.

Are you saying we have a ham-starved corpus?

                OVERALL  SPAM    HAM
ena-week0       77,945  36,459  41,486
ena-week1       93,847  52,781  41,066
ena-week2       69,297  30,328  38,969
ena-week3       75,853  31,995  43,858
ena-week4       92,680  37,511  55,169
                409,622 189,074 220,548 


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