On 07/03/2018 09:52, Sebastian Arcus wrote:

I have this one email account receiving, for more than a year, a very specific type of spam which I find very difficult to block:

1. The messages are all kept very short, generally below 20 words - I assume so that Bayes is less efficient at classifying them?

2. Although they are all invitations to sex, or making money - they are phrased differently every time and use different words - so Bayes scores are consistently low.

Hi Sebastian,

I perfectly know what type of email you are talking about, I've seen them written at least in italian, english and spanish. If you click the link you are being redirected to shady dating websites or bitcoin/investment scams sites (at least in my experience).

Since I get the majority of these emails in italian, I've written a meta rule that takes in account:

- Common mispelled words/phrases
- Body lines must be < 5
- The common pattern in all the urls. Take a close look at them, there IS a pattern, not writing it here for obvious reasons :)

If all these conditions are matched the email is flagged. So far (about 6 months), no complaints. If you have only one address that receives these emails I'd add a test to see if the recipient is that specific one for more precision

Hope it helps

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