On 04/03/2018 22:46, David Jones wrote:

>> Some us have very fine tuned SA's, and use less than 5.0 which was 
>> acceptable 10 years ago, but not in recent times, so a few .1's can mean 
>> user gets spam, V user doesnt get spam - I know what I prefer.
> That's great.  It means you know what you are doing when you change the 
> default threshold to less than 5.0.  In that case you need to change a lot of 
> other scores down too including RCVD_IN_IADB_* and the KAM.cf rules probably 
> score way too high for you as well.

They do, we have a largish list of custom scores, as most admins who
know what they are doing would have, since SA never can cater for all
sites in any default configuration, thus allowing us to fine tune scores
to suite our own regions. 

> From what I have seen on this mailing list recommended for most SA admins is 
> to leave the default threshold of 5.0 and bump up the BAYES scores once you 
> have a well-trained Bayes DB.  Augment default scores with meta rules that 
> combine rule hits to "amplify" some scores a bit based on your mail flow and 
> current spam campaigns.

The default is exactly that, a default, it doesnt mean its the be all
and end all, its just a fall back average for those who dont want to
fine tune their systems.

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Noel Butler 

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