What's the best way to add a URL shortener to the current list? Would I have to rewrite __URL_SHORTENER? I also notice this subrule doesn't account for the https version of the list. Is that intentional?

More specifically, we've received some spam from back.ly. I could reject it outright, but I'd like to create some meta rules that more generally include any URL shortener.

I'm using KAMs rules, and it appears he's creating his own subrule based on URL shorteners, but it's not even as inclusive as the stock SA subrule.

I'm also using DecodeShortURLs, and have added it to the url_shortener list there, but it doesn't hit because the redirect is 404'd:

dbg: DecodeShortURLs: URL is not redirect: http://back.ly/1MMCf = 403 Forbidden

This means the email would still be received, but will still be considered malicious and preventable by the recipient.

Ideas greatly appreciated.

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