> On Apr 15, 2018, at 12:39 PM, Computer Bob <b...@inter-control.com> wrote:
> I still am a bit puzzled how bayes db gets handled when using virtual users 
> and domains. I see no trace of bayes or .spamassassin files in any of the 
> virtual locations or in the sql databases.

If you want Bayes to run per-user with virtual hosts then you need to use some 
sort of glue for each user to invoke spamd as their own user.  This is 
typically done by running spamd as root (without the -u flag) and enabling 
per-user settings (-cH) and then using global (or per-user) procmail line to 
invoke spamc with the -u flag.  But that's not the default behavior for SA, 
unless it was packaged that way by your virtual hosting software (e.g., 
Parallels Pro née Ensim did it that way).

But if you're trying to use Bayes with mySQL or Redis, that can't be done 
per-user AFAIK.


--- Amir

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