On Sun, 9 May 2021 04:17:26 +0200
Bert Van de Poel wrote:

> Within the same realm, I'm also wondering whether these expected
> numbers for body and header can be tweaked and if so, how.

You can create a meta-rule for definite spam and set:
tflags   <rule name>   autolearn_force

a hit on any rule with this flag set causes the 3+3 check to be
ignored. It does nothing else.

One thing that does look wrong is that maybe_body_only() looks

(($type == $TYPE_BODY_TESTS) || ($type == $TYPE_BODY_EVALS)
    || ($type == $TYPE_URI_TESTS) || ($type == $TYPE_URI_EVALS))

so it's missing any rawbody and full rules. 

Specifically Pyzor, Razor2 and DCC are full eval rules.

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