> Warren Togami wrote:
>> While whitelists are not directly effective (statistically, when  
>> averaged across a large corpus), whitelists are powerful tools in  
>> indirect ways including:
>> * Pushing the score beyond the auto-learn threshold for things like  
>> Bayes to function without manual intervention.

On 17.12.09 11:27, Jason Bertoch wrote:
> This does not sound like a positive thing to me.  E-mail from any sender  
> that is malformed enough to skip auto-learning should not be forced into  
> Bayes as ham simply because some 3rd party promises, for their own  
> monetary benefit, that the sender is a nice guy.  Why should any sender  
> that I have not intentionally added to my local whitelist get a break?

If you _want_ the mail and whitelist the sender, I think its characteristics
should be pushed into the bayes.
If you don't want the mail, then autolearning it as spam is least of your

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