Am 16.09.2016 um 18:17 schrieb David B Funk:
What do you see in your syslog reports from spamc?
Is it reporting any errors?

Please note the 'max-size' parameter for spamc:

  -s max_size, --max-size=max_size
      Set the maximum message size which will be sent to spamd -- any
bigger than
      this threshold and the message will be returned unprocessed
(default: 500 KB).
      If spamc gets handed a message bigger than this, it won't be
passed to spamd.
      The maximum message size is 256 MB.

So any message larger than that parameter (default 500KB) will be silently
bypassed as far as spamd processing is concerned.

Note, do not make that a large number in an attempt to process
-everything- unless you have a beefy (lots of RAM & CPU) machine for
your spamd processing

in case you have postscreen or something else which does proper rbl-scoring in front of the content-scanners it's no problem because only a small part of spam attempts are mahing it to SA

may depend on the amount of ham which can be also mitigated by shortcurcuit trustable senders with large amount of mail

i have seen in the past a lot of junk with some 5-10 MB crap attached, completly unrelated images because spammers know that they can bypass many spamfilters that way (in case of a large binary it's also no problem for cpu ressources, only when they have a wrong text mimetype)

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