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you can put this in /etc/spamassassin/local.cf

header   MESSAGEID_LOCAL  Message-Id =~ /\.local>$/
describe MESSAGEID_LOCAL  Message-Id contains ".local" TLD

and reload whatever you plug into your MTA.

It works. I already got a mail by ...vn.local

X-Spam-Status: Yes, score=14.009 tag=2 tag2=6.31 kill=6.31
       tests=[HTML_MESSAGE=0.001, MESSAGEID_LOCAL=8, MIME_HTML_ONLY=1.105,
       PYZOR_CHECK=1.985, RCVD_IN_BRBL_LASTEXT=1.644, RDNS_NONE=1.274]
       autolearn=no autolearn_force=no

Be aware that there are an awful lot of Microsoft Exchange servers that are set 
up with .local, .lan and .corp TLDs (for a number of reasons).

You may find you're blocking legitimate email from an Exchange server (poorly?) 
configured in this way.

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