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Ruga <r...@protonmail.com> wrote:

> rfc 822 (the actual standard):

Which as I mentioned is obsolete, but I'll play with you...

> authentic = "From" ":" mailbox ; Single author / ...
> mailbox = addr-spec ; simple address  / phrase route-addr
> addr-spec = local-part "@" domain

And you left out the BNF of "phrase", didn't you?  Tsk tsk!

You can't pick and choose pieces of RFCs, you know.  They come as a package

TL;DR, the header:

       From:  "Dianne Skoll <d...@roaringpenguin.com>" <some...@spammer.org>

is absolutely compliant with RFC-822 and its successors, RFC-2822 and



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