I've collected a bunch of URIs that I'd like to incorporate into my
rulebase. I know how to create a DNSBL, but I don't specifically know
how to create a URIBL. Can I use rbldnsd for this? Or would I have to
extract the IP or hostname from the URL, then also use a bunch of uri
rules? If so, is there a way of automating this, given a list of URIs?

For example, I have URIs like:

I'm also then not sure which of uri* rule definition should be used.
I've used urirhsbl before for a local host blocklist, but now after
reading the man page again for the first time in a while, I'm not even
sure that's correct.

I'm also unclear about rbldnsd config for dnset, where hostnames would
be used. Here is my current command-line:

/usr/sbin/rbldnsd -n -srbldnsd.stats -r/var/lib/rbldnsd -f -n -b uri.example.com:dnset:urilist

My urilist file looks like this:

: System: http://example.com/bl?$
$NS 1w uri.example.com
$SOA 1w uri.example.com admin.uri.example.com 0 2h 2h 1w 1h
@ A
@ MX 10 uri.example.com
@ TXT "example hostname blocklist"
25z5g623wpqpdwis.onion1.to: System, Last-Attack: 1476825181
27lelchgcvs2wpm7.3lhjyx1.top: System, Last-Attack: 1476825181
27lelchgcvs2wpm7.7jiff71.top: System, Last-Attack: 1476825181

Using the following (and variations, including dig +short) fail with NXDOMAIN
# host 25z5g623wpqpdwis.onion1.to.uri.example.com

Can someone show me an example zone file using the dnset option?

I'm guessing my first attempt at this message being received by the
list was due to the domain samples I've included, so they've been

Any ideas greatly appreciated.

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