Jesse, did bz completely resolve this issue?

On 6/22/2017 2:49 PM, Jesse Norell wrote:

I'm working on converting a spam training script/setup which works with
bayes dbm files to support sql bayes, and came across an error in the
grants in the README.bayes file at:

   GRANT SELECT, DELETE, INSERT ON TABLE bayes_seen TO <username>;

I'm using the MySQL driver (maybe it matters), and UPDATE permission is
needed on bayes_seen to avoid:

         write(6, "\257\0\0\0\3INSERT INTO bayes_seen (id, msgid, flag)\n            
 VALUES ('2','2d74cc15f332ac5a1789ac7d979ef9320ac98d80@sa_generated','s')\n\t     ON 
DUPLICATE KEY UPDATE flag=VALUES(flag)", 179) = 179
         read(6, "X\0\0\1\377v\4#42000UPDATE command denied to user 
'spamassassin'@'localhost' for table 'bayes_seen'", 16384) = 92

I never did see any error printed by sa-learn on that, I just happened
to catch it in tracing sa-learn to see what takes so long.  After
granting UPDATE permission I see a few quirks with bayes_seen disappear,
where re-learning the same message shows an increase in nspam or nham
count (and entries in bayes_seen are duplicated), where using dbm files
showed the counts stayed the same.  I was hoping for a performance
improvement too, but not seeing much change there yet (though I don't
have much of a baseline on this new system).

I'm running 3.4.1-6~bpo8+1 from jessie-backports, but README.bayes is
the same:


(I've been waiting a few hours on a bugzilla email so haven't yet added
this to the bug tracker.)

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