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> RW skrev den 2017-08-10 02:06:
>> If  amavis only passes part of the email to SA, it isn't going to pass
>> DKIM.
> i think there is more underlaying problems there, amavisd have its own
> dkim verify and signer, even if spamassassin does not see the
> fullmail, amavisd can verify and sign it still, so my next trolling is
> does sa dkim module respect mime ?
> is dkim respecting mime verify and signing of mime parts ?, good
> qeustion imho to answer the first problem
> one thing i know is that dkim does not support 8bitmime, so why mime
> parts ? :(
> why dkim sign all mime parts ?

In my setup, i don't use $enable_dkim_verification, $enable_dkim_signing

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