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In the first lines on log, you could see opendkim results are success.

Aug  9 10:25:42 vmail opendkim[21923]: 0D81A778B1D: DKIM verification
Aug  9 10:25:43 vmail opendmarc[7879]: 0D81A778B1D: groupeastek.fr none

That why I think Amavis or Spamassassin is in cause.

If you read the limitations section regarding milters in postfix http://www.postfix.org/MILTER_README.html#limitations you'll see that if you call both a milter and a before-queue content scanner they can't both process the full untampered with message (as RW has mentioned).

I forget the exact details, it's a long time since I had to look into it, but if you skip opendkim and opendmarc you should find that the DKIM check in SpamAssassin succeeds.

Microsoft is helpful, but they should be not..

When companies sign up to use Microsoft email it is sent out signed using a domain MS control. It seems to work well for them and apparently makes it user friendly. I see a lot of ham that is DKIM invalid but I don't recall the last time it was from a Microsoft account. (That's probably tempting fate.)

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