On Tue, 12 Sep 2017 08:41:01 +0100
Sebastian Arcus wrote:

> The confusing part is that left to its devices, Pyzor creates
> a .pyzor dir in the home dir of the user it is run as. But if
> --homedir is specified, it dumps stuff directly there, instead of
> creating a .pyzor dir.In the end I got rid of the "pyzor_options
> --homedir" option in local.cf and it worked fine.

It is a bit confusing, but it's not that the .pyzor directory is use
inconsistently, it's that pyzor defines 

  --homedir=HOMEDIR     configuration directory

so the default homedir is $HOME/.pyzor/ not $HOME/.

If you want to use  pyzor_options you could use:

  pyzor_options  --homedir /var/spool/spamd/.pyzor

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