On 9/16/2016 7:48 PM, Jeff Orrok wrote:
$ cat /etc/redhat-release
CentOS Linux release 7.2.1511 (Core)

$ svn --version
svn, version 1.7.14 (r1542130)
   compiled Nov 20 2015, 19:25:09

Copyright (C) 2013 The Apache Software Foundation.
This software consists of contributions made by many people; see the NOTICE
file for more information.
Subversion is open source software, see http://subversion.apache.org/

The following repository access (RA) modules are available:

* ra_neon : Module for accessing a repository via WebDAV protocol using Neon.
  - handles 'http' scheme
  - handles 'https' scheme
* ra_svn : Module for accessing a repository using the svn network protocol.
  - with Cyrus SASL authentication
  - handles 'svn' scheme
* ra_local : Module for accessing a repository on local disk.
  - handles 'file' scheme

To my knowledge, subversion is the standard package provided by the CentOS repos.

Transcript of terminal session follows

11:22~/Work$ svn propget svn:ignore -R core-api
core-api/WebContent - answers.home

core-api/WebContent/cdn - tmp

core-api/WebContent/cdn/images - *.png

core-api/WebContent/cdn/merchants - *

core-api/WebContent/cdn/program_templates - *

core-api/WebContent/docs - *

core-api/php_includes/application/libraries - anet_1.1.8

core-api/php_uploads - invoices


core-api/support/crons/running - *.process

core-api/support/post-install/snapshots - dev-core.trac_07









core-api/support/post-install/snapshots/dev-core.baseline/config - prod-tunnel.db


core-api/support/post-install/snapshots/dev-core.baseline/data - branch.brad.201*


11:24~/Work$ svn propget --strict svn:ignore -R core-api
svn: E205000: Try 'svn help' for more info
svn: E205000: Strict output of property values only available for single-target, non-recursive propget operations
Regarding the error you see, I'm not sure what your question is since the error message quite directly states what was done "wrong". Here's a corresponding mailing list post google brought up when looking for svn propget --strict recursive:

I think this explains the rational behind that limitation.

Regarding blank newlines: as far as I see newlines are printed after each outputted entry --- aka: a separator after each file section... i.e.

"core-api/support/crons/running - *.process
-> "core-api/support/crons/running" has two entries: *.process and *.pid

"core-api/support/post-install/snapshots/dev-core.baseline/data - branch.brad.201*" -> "core-api/support/post-install/snapshots/dev-core.baseline/data" has one entry: branch.brad.201*

I'm not sure about the newlines sometimes being printed in between for instance here:
core-api/support/post-install/snapshots/dev-core.baseline/config - prod-tunnel.db


I'd assume this translates to two ignore entries for core-api/support/post-install/snapshots/dev-core.baseline/config. (aka: prod-tunnel.db and my-local.db).

But then you have quite an old SVN version running (1.7.4). Using 1.9.4 on Windows and the SVN repository I'm failing to reproduce the issue with these additional newlines.... So maybe it's something which got fixed already and you should upgrade to a later version? I could also imagine an issue with Windows style line endings in the ignore-properties being stored and the output on Linux causing the additional newline. Not sure whether this is actually possible (and if, whether it's considered a bug). But then again your SVN version is quite outdated. Better try to reproduce the behavior with a more up-to-date client (at least 1.8.latest).

Stefan Hett

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