On Wed, Sep 21, 2016 at 12:49:46PM +0200, Philippe Combes wrote:
> > Perhaps your changelog generator could be taught to ignore revisions
> > which changed only svn:mergeinfo properties? Would that work around
> > the problem?
> Stefan,
> Thanks again for your time.
> As you point it out, it would only be a workaround, but it sounds a good
> lead. I plan to use svn2cl as the base of my changelog generator.
> Unfortunately, it relies on a language which I have no skill for: xslt.
> So I need to keep things quite simple, if I intend to customize the
> tool. Have you got any clue on a simple (based on subversion commands)
> and reliable way of identifying revisions which changed only
> svn:mergeinfo ?

svn log -v will show the list of changed paths and with --xml the output
can be parsed as XML. svn proplist lists the properties for a path, and
also has an --xml switch.

With this you should have all the information you need to find out
what changed in any revision. You might need to iterate over many
paths in large commits but I'm not sure how to optimize for that.
Perhaps somebody else has an idea.

If XML doesn't suite you, consider writing a script which uses one of
the language bindings (Python, Perl, Ruby, Java). Unfortunately the
documentation for bindings is relatively sparse, so it might take some
time to figure out how things work.

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