Hi Mark,
Thanks for your help! It’s helpful!
In fact, I want to download SVN Server named 
CollabNetSubversion-server-1.8.14-1-Win64.exe,  it looks like the following 

Do you know how to download it?

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On Wed, Oct 12, 2016 at 1:33 PM, Ryan Schmidt 
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> On Oct 11, 2016, at 9:18 PM, Zhao, Linda 
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> Hi friend,
> Could you send me the download link of CollabNet Subversion 1.8.14?
> I can’t find it in the internet.

Using Google, I was able to find that downloads for CollabNet Subversion 1.8.16 
are here:


I'm not sure if downloads for 1.8.14 are still available. If you think you 
require 1.8.14, please let us know why 1.8.16 won't work.

Once you are on that page, you can right-click on the Download link for the 
package you want and copy it to your clipboard.  Then when you paste it, just 
change the version number of the download URL from 1.8.16 to 1.8.14 and it will 
work.  Same is true for pretty much any SVN version as we have used the same 
naming system since at least the 1.5.x releases.

For example, this is the link to current 1.9.x version:


Change the 1.9.4 to 1.8.14 and it would give you the 1.8.14 version of that 
package which is the Windows 64-bit client.


Mark Phippard

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