Ok I think this is onto something. I changed 

<LimitExcept MERGE> to <LimitExcept GET> and the commit worked.  When I removed 
the LIMITEXCEPT completely it didn't even request my password (and failed).

I'll have our tester test it with that tonight if possible.

Thank You!

Question: What *should* be specified?

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Subject: Re: svn commit failing - username not sent on the MERGE webdav command

On 10.08.2017 19:39, g...@gregj.me wrote:
> Sorry for the late reply..
> Our httpd.conf file contains for this location (some information retracted..
> and some lines are commeted out)
> ## Main Subversion repository
> <Location /ec-svn>
>         DAV svn
>         SVNPath "/usr/local/svn/ec-svn/repo"
>         ErrorDocument 404 default
>         AuthzSVNAccessFile "/usr/local/svn/ec-svn/auth/authaccess"
>         SVNIndexXSLT /xslt/default-svnindex.xsl
>         SVNPathAuthz off
>         #AuthzSVNAuthoritive  off
>         #AuthUserFile /usr/local/svn/ec-svn/conf/htpasswd
>         AuthLDAPURL ldap://********
>         AuthLDAPBindDN "*****"
>         AuthLDAPBindPassword "*****"
>         AuthType Basic
>         AuthBasicProvider ldap
>         #AuthzLDAPAuthoritative on
>         AuthName " svn repository edisvn"
>   <LimitExcept MERGE>
>     Require valid-user
>   </LimitExcept>
> </Location>

So you're telling httpd that MERGE requests do not need authentication.
Why then are you surprised when it doesn't provide the credentials to 

-- Brane

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