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>I couldn’t find FAQs addressing my problem, even though it’s probably simple, 
>and the archives tried to help people that wanted something more than the 
>But I’m not trying to do anything “clever”.
>It’s just a checkout.
>(I’m using Tortoise, but I don’t think Tortoise is the cause of this problem 
>... unless it’s doing something I’m unaware of.)
>I have a directory structure with a folder and three subfolders
>-- X1
>-- X2
>-- X3
>I can checkout X1, X2, and X3.
>When I try to checkout files from Xsvn to Xpc, I get “Xpc is already a working 
>copy for a different url”
>If this is really true, then
>1) it is not on purpose - I don’t want it to be a working copy for a different 
>2) I don’t know which “different URL”
>3) I don’t know how to solve it.
>It’s possible that it WAS a working copy for a different URL, because I didn’t 
>know how SVN wanted things, but I have re-arranged my folders, so there should 
>be no such problem any more.
>How do I know which URL is the problem?
>How can I make SVN forget the wrong URL, so that I can use the folder for the 
>right URL?
Why not go to a completely new and empty folder and check out your
project there?

But if you must use the existing folder:
If you delete the .svn directory in the target dir you are trying to
check out into then it stops being a working copy altogether...
Notice that .svn is a hidden folder so if you are on Windows you won't
see it unless you modify the Windows Explorer view properties to show
hidden files and folders.

Bo Berglund
Developer in Sweden

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