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'&' has special meaning to the shell and needs to be quoted or escaped.
I always thought that this was the case only for Linux, since & is a
perfectly valid part of a file name on Windows...
But I will refrain from such characters in paths in the future.

& is valid for a filename on Linux too, but it also needs to be escaped there... if you run "help cmd" in Windows, it says at the end:

The special characters that require quotes are:

The & in Windows is a command separator, basically like ";" in Unix-style shells. So

svn add Fasadändring&Attefalltillbyggnad.pdf

Is interpreted as "svn add Fasadändring" followed by "Attefalltillbyggnad.pdf". The first results 
in "svn: warning: W155010: 'D:\Bosse\Fasadändring' not found", and the second results in 
"'Attefalltillbyggnad.pdf' is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch 

Also, "^" is the escape character for cmd.exe (like "\" in Unix shells), so as 
an alternative to quoting the filename, you can do:

svn add Fasadändring^&Attefalltillbyggnad.pdf

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