Any thoughts on how I can access this repo? If it looks like something
broken, how about at least accessing the HEAD?

Subversion 1.9.3 had a bug where it made incorrect assumptions about old
repositories without a "db/format" file.  This is the most likely cause for
the errors you're seeing.

This bug has been fixed starting from version 1.9.5, so you might want
to try accessing the repository with a more recent version.  Alternatively,
you should be able to use any of the 1.8.x versions, as they didn't have
this bug.

Stefan also suggested a more recent version. I built 1.10.0-rc2 from the source tarball, the repo now verifies clean, and I am able to perform a checkout. Based on those data points I believe that should take care of it.

Thank you both for your insight and suggestions!!!


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